‘ Robbert has helped me very well with the design and furnishing of my new apartment. He understood my taste, my preferences and came up with beautiful materials, beautiful furniture and thought along very well. It turned out really beautiful. And Robbert took a lot of work off my hands because he brought his own network of professionals with him. Could really leave a lot and it turned out all right! I can recommend Robbert anyone who wants to decorate a home interior in a nice, attractive and cozy way! '



As CEO of a large telecom company in The Netherlands, Chris our client acquired two properties on the top floors of an apartment building in a high-class Willemspark neighbourhood in The Hague. The new owner commissioned RL-ID to devise an interior design plan integrating both properties into one apartment, and take care of the complete interior construction and fulfilment of every detail.

The first focus was to find a way to sustain the original wide or large spaces and authentic details. The key was to seamlessly incorporate the design plan by intelligent and resounding adjustments.

Based on the RL-ID design, the RL-ID team took care next to painting and wallpapering, to construct a tailor-made seat on the windowsill and big custom-made sliding doors decorated with a unique wallpaper with a leather look were applied to hide the second kitchen from view in the TV room. The original furniture pieces and decorative objects completed the total design of the apartments’ interior. RL-ID managed to create a convincing and unparalleled harmony of stylish and modern contemporary design with a classical touch

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