Robbert Lagerweij Interior Design can exclusively offer you the British brand Kenny&Mason. Kenny&Mason is a manufacturer of high-end sanitary products for bathroom and kitchen interiors. Its craftsmanship ensures top quality timeless products that can add value to any interior. Its extensive range includes taps, baths, basins, showers, toilets, radiators, etc.


The brand was founded in 1911 in the region around Birmingham, the heart of the English brassware industry. Since the 18th century, this region earned an excellent reputation in the classic plumbing industry for their blend of outstanding performance and incredible visual appeal.

Every Kenny&Mason product is hand-finished by skilled craftsmen in one of our factories. A Kenny&Mason tap takes hours of intensive handwork and testing. That is why each product has its own soul.

Klassieke kraan van Kenny & Mason badkamer ontwerp in Leiden interieur design Robbert Lagerweij
Kenny & Mason keukenkraan Keuken ontwerp interieur design Robbert Lagerweij


The brand has a rock-solid customisation department that is always willing to go to extremes to meet specific customer wishes, e.g. through different finishes and personalisation.

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The Kenny&Mason range offers products for timeless interiors worldwide. Always proudly offered under the Kenny&Mason label that stands for absolute top quality. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact RL-ID and or have a look at the collection on the Kenny&Mason  website

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Badkamer radiator van Kenny & Mason badkamer ontwerp interieur design Robbert Lagerweij
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