Our Interior Design Method

Our Interior Design Method

From complete renovations to small-scale projects: RL-ID can manage and realise the development of each and every project, step by step. We offer you a package tailored to your needs; you can personally choose which elements of the interior plan are important and which you want RL-ID to manage and/or realise.

Personal plan

We always begin with an informative introductory meeting in your own living or working environment. Robbert will come and personally make your acquaintance. He’ll discuss your wishes in detail, view the location and discuss his initial vision and ideas. Also to be discussed is which pieces of furniture will remain in the interior and which can be replaced. This may also involve search assignment for Robbert. You’ll receive a primary plan containing his advice regarding the layout of the room(s), the material and colour, lighting and window decorations. This first phase is extremely important; your desires and ideas are, after all, the starting point for a new interior plan! This results from this informative meeting will be worked out into a basic plan and put on paper for you.

From initial meeting to complete plan

This plan can be further developed into a complete and total plan so that you have the opportunity to enter into a following stage with RL-ID wherein the new design and execution of the interior plan is developed step by step. It is here that, together with you, the entire plan is worked out in detail. The fabrics are presented, the fixtures are selected and the furniture and wall colours are chosen. It is also possible to jointly visit the manufacturer of various brands (such as couches, for instance) to search for the right fabric, the right leg in the right colour, height and cushion thickness or the most appropriate wood grain and colour while selecting a new floor while at the workplace. Robbert can use his extensive network and knowledge in the art and antiques trade to find original art and antique objects and/or pieces of furniture for you.

Executed with care and love

The execution phase shall be included as part of the overall package. This means that the construction team is comprised of a collaboration between various interior specialists, contractor(s) and professionals such as painters, plasterers and parquet layers. RL-ID can care for the coordination of advice for all involved parties. Our experience shows that the best result is obtained through this method of working and collaboration. Your wishes, the design plan from RL-ID on the one hand, and the possibilities a contractor has on the other hand will be better coordinated with each other.

RL-ID can, of course, execute the overall plan in phases, if desired.

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