Light Plan

Light plan

A well thought out lighting plan is functional, pleasant to use and significantly contributes to the ambiance of the room(s).
A lighting plan is a comprehensive plan with advice that is (collaboratively) tailored to your desires and preferences, the function and use of the room(s).

The personal plan consists of the following elements:
– the exact locations of the light spots
– the type of lighting (wall, ceiling, hanging or standing lighting or a combination thereof)
– the design, style, atmosphere and ambiance provided by the lighting (classic, taut/modern or timeless)

This plan is developed while taking into account the technical possibilities of the rooms(s) and your budget. As part of the custom designed lighting plan, there is the opportunity to test various proposed fixtures in your own living and or working areas. In this way, plans on paper start to come to life. The rate for a lighting plan is € 245.- for two hours of advice at your home. This includes a detailed basic lighting plan.

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