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If you do not really feel at home in your house anymore, maybe it’s time to contact an interior designer. When you live in Leiden or one of the surrounding cities, we invite you to contact RL-ID, the company of experienced designer Robbert Lagerweij. We would love to help you with the design of your interior. We have fresh, original ideas that blend well with your personal taste. When we start our work with interior design in Leiden, we Always visit you at your house. We will sit down with you and discuss your dreams and wishes. Which feeling do you want to achieve in your house? What colors do you like?

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Interior design that fits your personal style

When you are looking for an interior designer in Leiden, we advise you to contact Robbert Lagerweij Interior Design. We always take the personality of our client as our starting point. It’s important to have a clear view of what we want to achieve before we start. When we redesign an interior, we work closely with you. After all, we are working for you and we would like to make sure you feel comfortable in your house. We take all of your questions and wishes and turn them mixed with our vision and idears into a single plan that combines all these elements. And we can only just do the design part, but we can also realise the whole redesign for you.


Maybe you are here in Leiden for work? No matter for how long a period of time you have decided to live in The Netherlands, you want to live in a house, appartment or loft that fits your style and needs. In that case, we have a special service for expats that we would like to offer you. Please contact us when you have questions regarding our work as interior designer for Leiden. We are more than happy to visit your house and discuss all the available options. We would like to help to create an environment that suits you perfectly.

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