Robbert Lagerweij Interior Design has worked for nearly 10 years with the exclusive and original products from Volevatch Paris in his interior design projects. This exclusive French brand of faucets, accessories and bathroom furniture for bathroom, kitchen and dressing room can provide your home with the ultimate finishing touch. The extensive collection of Volevatch is high in quality and emotes an exclusive radiance.

The Volevatch collection is manufactured in France in their own factory with a deep sense of aesthetics and expertise by renowned craftsmen. Volevatch produces a timeless, extensive and luxurious collection of faucets, sanitary fixtures accessories and radiators.
Robbert Lagerweij and Volevatch’s team of bathroom engineers can, in collaboration with you as customer, respond to all the desires you have for your interior. Everything can be customised for your bathroom, kitchen or interior.

Over the years, Volevatch has won several prestigious awards and has been honoured in France since 2006 with the title “Enterprise with a living heritage” by the French Ministry of Economy. This is due to their preservation of and continuity in producing traditional high quality products and the good service they provide their customers.

The Volevatch production process combines the impeccable care of craftsmen and/or industrial labour with modern technology and adheres to strict standards regarding the quality of raw materials, production quality and finishes. The collection of sanitary fixtures for the bathroom and kitchen consists of an authentic, classic, as well as a slick, modern line.

Please feel free to contact Robbert Lagerweij Interior Design for more information. We’re happy to be of service.

For an impression of the products available from Volevatch Paris, visit:  www.volevatch.fr

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