Farrow & Ball

Farrow & Ball

For close to 10 years, Robbert Lagerweij Interior Design has worked enthusiastically with the well-known Farrow & Ball paint. Farrow & Ball is England’s last remaining manufacturer of traditionally produced paint and wallpaper, obtained from carefully preserved formulas for historic colours and materials.

Derived from a lengthy analysis of residual paint from historic buildings, Farrow & Ball’s paint brand introduced a colour palette of more than 130 original colours that were popular in the 18th century. Of these, 57 paint colours were specifically designed for the famous National Trust in England, an organization that cares for the preservation and restoration of English heritage.

Farrow & Ball wall paint is known for its warm and deep colours. This paint will provide your interior design with lots of atmosphere and ambiance through the characteristic and intense depth of colour. The passion for making the Farrow & Ball paint by using exclusively the best ingredients according to ancient traditions has enabled Farrow & Ball to survive and prosper through all the fickle fashion trends throughout the years. This is precisely why Robbert Lagerweij likes to work with this exclusive and durable interior paint in his interior projects.

For more information about this unique paint collection and it’s use in your interior, please don’t hesitate to contact Robbert Lagerweij Interior Design. We can easily supply you with Farrow & Ball paint for your interior design project.

For an impression of their products, visit:  www.farrow-ball.com

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