Dauby Fittings

Dauby Fittings&Hardware

Robbert Lagerweij Interior Design can offer you fittings and hardware from the Belgian manufacturer Dauby. Dauby is primarily specialised in door handles, window and furniture handles and high quality knobs in a variety of styles. Dauby has various Italian, French and Spanish window/ furniture fittings manufacturers in their portfolio.

In the collection, you’ll find a comprehensive range of models designed for the modern home, but also stylish, timeless door hardware that alludes to the style of the pastorate, manor and cottage house. The hardware may be made of solid brass or bronze, traditional wrought iron or the exclusive “britannium” metal (an alloy of silver and tin, among others).

The authentic and original hardware is poured into sand moulds and refined further by hand. In the production process, the finish is extremely important. This traditional production process leads to small imperfections that provide an old, weathered look.

For more information, or examples of the door, window or furniture fittings products available from Dauby, please contact Robbert Lagerweij Interior Design. We’re happy to be of service.

For an impression of Dauby products, visit: www.dauby.be.

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